1st collaboration between the Arkestar & Paper Mache Kisses finds The Aqua Booty City Choir in excellent company with an original instrumental by PMK with lyrics & lead vocals by Jimmie Aquanaut.

Professor Shorty Draws takes his usual Synth roll on a Mininova simply embellishing the already magnificent PMK original. Jimmie on Vocoder duties.

Horns by the Arkestar Horns, keen to go under the new name of 'The Flounders' but that's in the hands of our layabout lawyers at the the moment.

It just leaves me to thank the amazingly talented Paper Mache Kisses immensely, for providing such a stress free collaboration during this whole process. Their mixing and mastering of the finished track is both Professional & sublime.

Huge thanks to: Kris Michael & PMK for the fabulous artwork, very much appreciated.

artwork by:
Kris Michael



Here it all goes all goes again
Stretchin out my arms an aeroplane

unable to compute 2U,
Cling 2 the screen's a Superbeam

Celestial taxi take a left
Now that I'm lost in Cyber Web

assemble all the parts to build a fire
Multi- Storey worlds just broke a wire.


from Arkestar & PMK ~ The Dog Star Deluxe E​.​P. [©​{​{​{​•√°​}​}​}​®], released July 27, 2017
Arkestar: Lyrics, Vox, Horns, Synths, loop editing, production.
PMK: Original Instrumental track.

Artwork by: Kris Michael:
[www.instagram.com/krismichael_phx/] / KristenSMichael@gmail.com
Immeasurable gratitude to her for her original sublime artwork and genuine enthusiasm for our collaborations so far. <3



all rights reserved


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The Boys n Girls of the Arkestar would like U2 Know that they......................... Love U Madly.
Mulit-Storey/'The Metamorphosis'Artwork by: montgomeryart.co.uk
(Apogee & Perigee artwork & Photo for idENTITY by Steve Perry @ soundcloud.com/supinemouse )
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